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The Nutritional Value Of Walnuts

Jan. 07, 2021

The Nutritional Value Of Walnuts

Everyone is no stranger to walnuts. It is the most common nut ingredient in life, and it can be seen to invigorate the brain and delay aging. It has many benefits to the human body, but many people only know that its nutritional value is high when eating walnuts. But I don’t know what nutrients it contains. Today, the walnut suppliers will give a specific introduction and let everyone know how to eat the best walnuts.

The nutritional value of walnuts

More than 80% of walnut kernels are fat, and these fats can be divided into saturated fat and unsaturated fat. People only need to eat 100 grams of walnuts a day, and the kernels can satisfy the body's need for fat. In addition, walnuts also contain trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as nutrients such as niacin, protein, and carbohydrates. They are well-deserved "king of dried fruits".

Walnut Kernel

How to eat walnuts

Walnut chestnut porridge

1. Although walnut is an ingredient with high nutritional value, it is not conducive to its edible effect to eating it alone. It is best to put it together with red beans and chestnuts to cook porridge. When cooking porridge, you need to prepare 50 grams of walnut kernels, 100 grams of chestnut meat, 50 grams of red beans, and the appropriate amount of water.

2. Soak the prepared red beans in warm water for three hours, remove all the skins of the walnuts and chestnuts, wash them with water, put them in a pot together with the soaked red beans, add enough water to cook for one hour, and take them out. It can be eaten directly, it can replenish blood, and promote water and reduce swelling. It can play an important role in promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

Walnut Sesame Paste

Usually, walnuts and black sesame are eaten together, and the effect is particularly good. Before use, you can remove the walnut in shell, take out the nuts inside and fry them in a pan, then put the sesame seeds into the pan and fry them. After they are fried, they will be ground into a fine powder, put together, and mix thoroughly. Take 20 grams and place it in a cup with boiling water. You can eat it directly after getting the black sesame paste. This way of eating walnuts can make it more effective in invigorating the kidney.

Pick walnuts like this

When we go to the market to pick walnuts, we think that the walnuts look the same, how should we pick them?

Look at the pattern

In fact, the pattern on the walnut is very knowledgeable! For high-quality walnuts, the lines are relatively numerous and not deep.

Because the nutrient absorbed by walnuts during the growth process is transported by the texture, the more the texture, the more nutrients in the walnut.


In order to attract consumers, many businesses on the market will bleach the walnuts before selling to make them look better. However, eating too many walnuts that have been soaked in bleach can have a significant impact on health!

When you buy walnuts in the future, you can smell them. Walnuts are tasteless, and there is no smell of bleaching powder or other peculiar smells, so you can buy them with confidence.

Shake the husk

Everyone knows that the kernels in high-quality walnuts will not move after shaking. If you shake the walnuts and feel the flesh inside, then 80% of the walnuts are inferior, so don't buy them.


There is a misunderstanding in picking walnuts: only buy large ones. Don't just consider the size when buying walnuts. The weight of the walnuts is also important.

Many of the bigger walnuts have very small kernels. We can hold the walnuts in our hands. If the walnuts are relatively heavy, the kernels inside are 80% solid and worth buying.

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